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About Us

About American Cruiser UK

We’re a family-run cruiser motorcycle business based in the UK. We specialise in selling and renting the finest American cruiser motorbikes in the world. 

The UK’s New Home for Cruiser Motorcycle Rentals and Sales

American Cruiser UK sells and rents authentic cruiser motorcycles sourced directly from owners in Florida. We use our extensive network of contacts and in-depth knowledge of these stunning vehicles to ensure our UK customers get the very best machines money can buy. 

We’re a growing business with big ambitions, but we’re a family-run operation that takes pride in quality and customer service. This is our passion, which is why we get a kick out of offering genuine cruiser motorcycles for sale in the UK. But we’re also on a mission to make cruiser motorcycling more affordable and accessible than ever before. That’s why we now offer motorcycle hire in the UK.

Nothing beats the sense of freedom and excitement that comes from cruising down the open road on an authentic, high-spec cruiser motorcycle. If you want to experience that thrill, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our Story 

My name is Roger Raggett, and I’m the founder of American Cruiser UK. Together with my son, I scour the State of Florida for the finest, best-maintained cruiser motorcycles money can buy. I’m doing something I genuinely love, which is why I’m dedicated to giving UK riders the best cruiser motorcycles in the world.

Our story began way back in 2001 when I sold my UK business and emigrated to Florida. Shortly after starting my new life, I became a licensed cruiser motorbike dealer. But things took a big turn in 2005 when I came upon the iconic Honda Rune during a trip to Daytona Bike Week.

I couldn’t have found a better cruiser motorcycle for sale at the time. A Blue model with chrome pack, it inspired me to look for similar bikes. Many more followed.

Upon my return to the UK in 2016, I realised that there was a heightened interest in motorcycles — yet there was a distinct shortage of cruiser motorbikes for sale or hire. So I decided to test the market. I imported two bikes from the US that weren’t available here, and they sold within a week. But that’s not all. The interest I generated with just two cruiser motorbikes for sale demonstrated a huge demand in the UK. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Today, I run American Cruiser UK with my son Adam. He takes the reins in the UK while I spend as much time as possible in Florida searching for the best cruiser motorcycles money can buy.

Our Mission

Here at American Cruiser UK, we believe there’s a huge market for cruiser motorcycles among British enthusiasts. For too long, however, there has been a dearth of options on the market. We’re on a mission to change that.

We want to make finding cruiser motorcycles for sale and hire as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we work tirelessly — both in the UK and the US — to find the very best examples of these marvellous machines.