He’s developed an extremely good reputation and I can understand why.

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Exceptional variety of bikes; exceptional service; and a great bloke. Having decided to buy a cruiser I found one of Roger’s bikes on eBay. This led me to the website where I found a whole variety of different cruisers. One of the bikes I liked developed a small fault whilst Roger was prepping the bike. Roger was very honest and let me know immediately and kept me informed of what was happening and did everything he could to resolve the issue. As time ticked on (and I was bikeless having sold my own bike) Roger suggested having a look at some of the others. I fell in love with a Royal Star Tour Deluxe. Fantastic condition for 10 years old and an engine that guys are getting 200-300,000 miles out of so should last a year or two! I took it and rode home and am loving every minute I spend on it. I’ve since met a few other guys who got their bikes from Roger and who also speak very highly of him. He’s developed an extremely good reputation and I can understand why. At the moment, I can’t imagine parting with my new ride but if I ever do then there’s only one place I’d consider getting the next one from. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending American Cruiser UK for your first or next cruiser.James